Part-time Online KidS and Adult ESL Teacher

Job description

We are  recruiting part-time ESL teachers!  It's recommed that you can teach kids and adult both. So you can get a busy schedule.

Please attach a video intro if you could when applying for the position. It reallly helps for the interview .

Company History


We have been in online adult english training business for 10 years. We are a middle sized company. Teachers always work for a long time here. We treat teachers as family. Teachers enjoy more flexibility here.

Adult: Hiknow

Kids: Pudtree

We provide high quality class for kindergarden and primary school either.



- Most of our teachers receive a regular pay of US$14-$20/hour.

- we pay extra salary for online to onsite class(mianly for kids)



-Teaching Object: Teaching One-on-one or group class English to children and adult . You can select one type or teach both,

- Session Duration: 30 minutes pr 45 minutes

Online Classroom


Class Type

  online one on one

  online small group class

  Teacher online, Students onsite(Teach kindergarnd and primary school students)


-Very effective training for teaching skills; We pay teacers for traning sessiions. 

- Perfect tech training; our one-on-one tech support will always be ready to help you while you are teaching.

- The biggest support for us to give our teachers is to let teachers focus on teaching. And the biggest support for you to give us is to let us know timely what support you need from us.

-We offer E-textbooks and multimedia evaluation system. You can also use your own assistant teaching materials. 



- kids:

- Group class for adults:

-VIP one on one for adult:


How to apply

Please attach a video intro if you could when applying for the position. It reallly helps for the interview .

- 1. Apply job at

   Highly recommended. Our team will quickly response to your application

- 2 Send email to if it’s too slow to open the job website




- Minimum 1 year of kids or adult English teaching experience.

- Owned a Bachelor degree or above.

- No matter who you teach, adult or kid, the most important quality of a teacher is caring for your students. 

- Be funny and smart, even for adult.

- No need for you to acquire complicate tech skills, we only need a desktop/laptop for the teaching.

- A real-time video teaching is a must. The student will also be required to turn on their web cams. 


Online CLASS TIME-Kids

  Beijing time: 6:00PM-9:00PM 

 Beijing time  9:00AM-4:30PM

Online CLASS TIME-Adult

 Beijing time  6:00PM-11:00PM